IB Extended Essay

Extended Essay is a focused study of a topic in a particular discipline. It is a 4000 essay written to deepen the knowledge and developing high order research and writing skills. EE gives student a liberty to select a topic but ensures that it is dealt in-depth with a particular subject or with a perfect combination of subject (World studies Extended Essay).  The aim of EE is to indulge in an independent research work with self management and good communication skill. The research process teaches academic honesty to student and gives 3 bonus points along with TOK.

Extended Essay is like a BIG ELEPHANT which cannot be eaten at one go, therefore follow the steps:

STEP-1: Choose an IB subject area:

Choose preferably one of the HL subject or WSEE


Step-2: Selection of Topic:

 Try to find a topic/ issue of social interest and make sure the research helps society in some or the other way. 

  • Best way is make mind maps of the topic:


Sample Mind Map-1


Sample Mind Map-2

Sample Mind Map-3


Step-3: Make Scaffolded Time line

Divide task into small manageable pieces, each with its own timeline for accomplishment.


EE Timeline


Step 4: Follow Assessment Criteria


Subject specific checklist:

Group-1 Language and literature

Group-2 Language Aquisition

Group-3  Economics

Group-4  Science


Step -5: Meet supervisor regularly:

This will keep student on right track



First meeting Log

Interim meeting Log

Final meeting Log


Step -6: Write reflection:

Fill RPPF form by writing reflection- Criteria E (6 marks)


Points for RPPF

Most important is Extended Essay develops high order research and writing skills

Develop Research skills for EE

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