IB Internal assesment

IB Internal Assessment:-An important part of the course which requires 10hrs of work for both HL and SL student. This work  can be on primary or secondary data but well analyzed and critically evaluated. The internal assessment in chemistry on criteria is for 24 marks and has 20% of weightage in the total score.
To score 7 IB points in chemistry the IA should have approx. 17 (varies with grade boundaries) or above marks out of 24. It is not an impossible work if the assessment criteria are well interpreted and followed . The most important thing about IA is selection of topic and how well it can be connected to real life and for the benefit of society. At the same time is requires a good balance of methodology applied for gathering data and most important is the critical thinking required for analyzing the data. This component also gives a scope to reflect on the process (by identifying the strengths and weakness) and evaluating it further.
Along with the above mentioned important points it also make the student think about the safety/ ethical/ environmental issues, this makes the IB student caring and by referencing all the work they show academic honesty and principled attribute of IB.

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IA Overview

Assessment Criteria Checklist

IA Timeline

IA topic examples

Lab Safety

Types of Data




Effective Feedback

Sample Feedback-1

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