About IB

Studying IB can change the way you see the world:-

The International Bacculerate was registered on 25th October 1968 in Geneva, however the name came into existence much before, in a conference organized by Robert Leach in 1962.

The programme aims to bring a change in the traditional education system by developing skills and concepts in the student rather than memorization of facts and theories. It is designed to cater the needs of students from different cultural background, learning abilities and career requirement.

There are three significant stages of learning in this programme, Primary year programme (PYP) for the student of age 6-12 who need to learn the ways to adopt into the environment. The MYP (Middle year programme) for age 11 to 16 years. Students at this stage develop the understanding and empathy for surrounding. They are now capable of connecting their learning with requirements of life. Students from age 16-19 years have a choice to select between Diploma programme or Career programme as per their requirement for future.

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