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  • Expanding my horizons after the IB diploma
    We welcome Diploma Programme (DP) graduate Lino Kessel of Felix Klein Gynmasium to reflect on how taking the DP helped open his mind to new ideas and inspired him to engage with new perspecitves.
  • DP music 2020: Can you hear the excitement?
    Anticipation of the new DP music course is undoubtedly building amongst IB educators and students. With the launch of the new guide and the subject specific seminars in February, Acting Curriculum Manager Justine Swainson tells us why teachers and students should be excited about the forthcoming course.
  • Engaging students through active learning
    Technology has the potential to help teachers in the classroom, but what is the best way to integrate it into everyday learning? Professor Cathrine Tømte will address this topic in her keynote session at the 2020 European Education Festival.
  • When I was younger, I wanted to be a movie star
    Diploma Programme (DP) graduate Eduardo Flores Linares reflects on how his aspirations have changed throughout his life and encourages IB students to follow their interests. This is his third story in our graduate voices series.
  • How I helped young students excel in MUN
    After realizing his passion for Model United Nations (MUN) in high school, IB Diploma Programme (DP) graduate Ishan Singh mentored young students to become better delegates.
  • The post-university paradox: Work or more education?
    Diploma Programme (DP) graduate Gözde Duru Aksoy on planning your next steps after graduating from university. She connects with her IB classmate Başak Günver to determine the benefits of entering workforce after graduation. This is Duru’s third story in our graduate voices series.
  • Young IB student receives the Diana Award
    IB Diploma Programme (DP) student Ziyaan Virji was recently awarded the Diana Award for his efforts to provide girls with the necessary sanitation resources they need. Here is how he plans on empowering women through his organization.
  • The Top 5 Changes in the New TOK Course
    With the launch of the new guide and the Subject Specific Seminars mere weeks away, here are the top five changes to the TOK course we are most excited about at the IB.
  • A quest to conquer university applications
    Applying for the university can make you feel like you are lost in a maze of decisions. Diploma Programme (DP) graduate Lim Hui Yuan shares her experience navigating the university admissions process. This is her third story in our graduate voices series.
  • The admissions officer and the IB
    We invited university admission officers to share their perspective on the International Baccalaureate. Director of Admissions at McGill University, Kim Bartlett, sits down for a Q&A with McGill’s IB expert Karen J’bari.

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