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  • Three ways to become a creative storyteller
    Everyone has a unique story but what’s the best way to share it with the world? Diploma Programme (DP) graduate Tyler Lynch of Harriton High School shares three ways to become a better storyteller.
  • Demystifying three common career development myths
    Diploma Programme (DP) graduate Harrison Li breaks down three career development myths to see if they hold any truth. This is his first story in our graduate voices series
  • Embodying service learning in the MYP curriculum
    IB educator Malikah Sheriff shares how Middle Years Programme (MYP) schools can integrate service as action into the curriculum.
  • Solutions for a Sustainable Future—an Interdisciplinary Unit
    Middle Years Programme (MYP) educators Diana, Amanda and Bridget share their experience with their ten-week interdisciplinary unit (IDU) and how it helped students address the challenges faced by ‘‘Big Australia’’.
  • Interdisciplinary learning in the MYP: Beyond the interdisciplinary unit
    Middle Years Programme (MYP) curriculum manager Nat Erbes discusses interdisciplinary learning, its role in the programme, and what schools and teachers can do to implement it in ways beyond the interdisciplinary unit (IDU).
  • A spirit of hope and action in MYP projects
    Throughout a particularly challenging time that has put the education sector to the test, there is a strengthened sense of community in the education world and beyond. Dr Robert Kelty, Senior Development Manager at the IB, explains how the Middle Years Programme (MYP) community project improves local communities and develops invaluable skills and confidence for students […]
  • MYP service as action: listen and learn
    Middle Years Programme (MYP) individuals and societies teacher Elizabeth Solomon explains why listening to students’ voices is the best learning an IB teacher can do.
  • Growing together
    The International Baccalaureate (IB) recently passed the landmark of 2000 global world schools authorized to teach the Primary Years Programme (PYP). Adrian Kearney, Director of IB World Schools, recorded a message to mark the milestone and welcome the schools to our ever-growing community, now nearly 5500 strong!
  • Your next favorite clothes are probably in your wardrobe
    For International Mother Earth Day, we hear from Diploma Programme (DP) graduates Nina and James who explain how their platform, RETURE, is revolutionizing the fashion industry.
  • Pace yourself throughout this journey called ‘life’
    International social worker and Diploma Programme (DP) graduate Sojourner White reflects on how her IB and Fulbright Fellowship experiences inspired her social work. This is her first story in our graduate voices series.

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