Self Reflection: An important aspect of IB Curriculum

Self reflection is a tool which helps in self assessment and bring positive changes in one’s personality. To be a self reflector, the technique of reflection needs to be incorporated in a person from the childhood. Small reflections at every stage and on every piece of work develops meta cognitive skills and enhances the experience of learning journey. When students reflect on the learning they make informed choices and decisions.

By giving the opportunity to a student for self reflection, as an educator we are not only giving them  an opportunity to identify their own strength and weaknesses but also guide them on a path of positive thinking, self appreciation and accepting criticism.  These small pieces of reflection written by student on every turn of their learning help to

  • Track their progress
  • Find pattern in their learning and performance
  • Promotes student to take ownership of their growth
  • Guide teaching strategies to educators
  • Help educators to develop new activities which are more student friendly
  • Allow student to analyse their learning experience

To build the ability of self reflection student should be made aware that reflection is not just writing paragraphs or a way of expression for linguistically capable student, but it is a way of expressing thoughts, ideas and feeling in a creative and communicable way. Reflection can be done in a number of ways and these different style adopted by the student also helps the teacher to identify the learning style of the student and this will help them to adopt differentiated learning styles in class.

Different styles of reflection:

  • Visual reflection : This can be done by making drawings, flowchart, animation etc.
  • Kinesthetic Reflection: This can be done by giving opportunity of role play, speeches, presentations.
  • Auditory Reflection: Can be done by conducting discussions in class, asking questions and letting students to audio record their thoughts.

At the end of every class if the student is asked to close eyes and think on what they have learned , write or discuss that, it will not only ensure student’s full engagement in class but also help them to retains the concepts for longer time. Self reflection, is not only a way of looking back on the learning but is also an exercise of brain which increases the memory and make the subconscious mind more active.


Download Some Sampler reflection sheets


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