Guidance on RPPF

According to John Dewey’s famous quote: “We don’t learn from experience we learn from reflecting on experience.” Reflection plays a major role in the learning process. The core component of IB: TOK, CAS and EE are student’s individual work, carried out by the student with minimum guidance. To make best of this experience and learn…

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Scaffolding: A technique of learning

Scaffolding is instructional technique, which will helps student climb the ladder of learning. These techniques act as an external support, which help student to stand as an independent learner. It help them achieve new skills in which educator models the skill, give clues and ask questions. To scaffold a task the educator should be aware…

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Data presentation approach for EE

Data are scientific observations and measurement that, are analyzed and interpreted, to develop evidences for answering the research question question. The collected data need to be organized before analyzing. Organization of data is considered as self management skill, a child grasp at the age of 3 and enhance in it with practice. A good data…

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