Development is a process in which a person learn different abilities to adopt and represent themselves into the community they stay. The measurement of development is based on the skills that have been acquired during a specific timeframe. There are certain skills, which a child grasp on its own, but at the same time, there are some skills, which needs explicit or implicit teaching. Teaching such skills are considered as approaches to learning in IB. The five main skills that an IB student should exhibit are communication skills, research skills, thinking skills,   self -management and social skills.

It is well know that the genes govern the development of skills but to some extent, they are also dependent on the environment around the child.  School play a major role, as a child spends most of their time during the learning stage in school. Therefore, it should be the goal on an educator to develop these skills in a student and this requires various teaching strategies and styles, which should re-modify as the needs of the student.


Research Skills

Research Process

Research Skills for PYP

Research skills for MYP and DP

Self Management Skills

Activity for teachers

Data organization

Activity 1



Thinking Skills

Communication Skills


Social Skills

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